I Play Hooky and Whip My Hair

Last night's family session was canceled, but I went out solo, hoping to do what I used to do a lot: take a long walk with my big camera swinging against my hip. I could have been free, played hooky, cuddled up close on the couch with my little India Jane and ate popcorn or something. But I wanted to go out, see, and still take pictures. And so I planned on capturing a few landscape or brush/foliage/flower shots.  

I went ahead and did that.

And then, despite myself and despite my lack of lipgloss, I took a few self-portraits. Which is different for me.

It's true. I'm as vain as anyone...but I'm not really *into taking pictures of myself. But, I just like light, the way it hits skin or a dip in a cheek.  And that's what us photographers do: we just use what's there and try and make it look fun or neat or beautiful or interesting. Pretty simple. 

I had my face. I had some light. I had some hair...:) and I went ahead and whipped it back and forth.  

The first shot, as you'll see, is just the last bit of summer, even, hanging on long into fall (OK! That dandelion was mostly a full head of whispy things, and I went ahead and pulled off all but one!).  The next shots are me whipping my hair, just because I wanted to see how the light hit it.  I get pretty into it. I was heaving a little when it was all over. The last shots are more serious attempts at self-portraits and the final shot, well, I just couldn't let this silly navel-gazing blog post end on a serious note!

And so I guess I played hooky; my clients canceled. I didn't have to "work" tonight. But I went ahead and did what I love, anyway, which is take pictures, and I'm glad for that.