It's Happening Again: The Holiday Balancing Act

cincinnati newborn baby photographer

Just thought I'd share this little sweet dear's face from my recent workshop with Laura Brett.  I also want to write a line or two about the holiday balancing act around our house, which seems to get more intricate as the years go by.

I mean...we have things to think about around here--like Santa, etc.  You see, our little India Jane has just turned 2. As she grows older, we're just making things up along the way, of course, about who we want to be as parents (and as a family).

I'll tell you what.  This holiday season, we're proving to be a busy family.  We're a last-minute-online-shopping kind of family, a maybe-we'll-make-Christmas-cookies-maybe-we-won't kind of family.  We're proving to be overwhelmed around the edges, and you might even find our noses runny. We can't remember what present we wanted to get so-and-so, and we dread braving the malls.  But, we're also a sing-Christmas-carols-in-the-car kind of family, and we enjoy the simple things: a house dressed in lights, the smell of coffee and pine needles, or even the odd satisfaction of a present wrapped crisp and tight.

So, from my family to yours: Happy Holidays, and cheers to the beautiful and overwhelming balancing act that the holidays bring.