My Two Favorite Butts, Etc.

Yesterday evening, I went walking with my man and daughter. A simple thing.  A reminder to be present in the moment, to enjoy just seeing the moment.  Cheers to that, and cheers to my man Tyler, who looks pretty happy in the pic below. I love this image, because it's true: any time Tyler gets to walk away from a plane, he's happy.  I won't go into details now (okay, maybe I will), but the man has a dead-crazy fear of flying.  I'm talking about a man who hates taking medicine and pills popping 6 Xanax and downing 4 vodkas before a flight.  I'm talking about passing out on a plane.  I'm talking....well, the flight attendants were so worried about his sorry little bum on his most recent flight that they called four sturdy police officers who were glad to escort him to his ride.  He was very polite upon seeing their faces.  "I'll be honest, officers," he said, "I've overdone it.  I have a fear of flying."  Hmmm, yes.  Fear indeed.

Little India Jane wasn't scared, though...she loved seeing the planes (the park sat next to a little airfield).

I have a tendency to look down, or look at small things, and so I did:

And when I did look up, the sun was flaring right around my two favorite people (one, who agreed to carry my camera bag, and one who didn't mind laughing at a few of my jokes).

And, of course, there were my two favorite butts. :)