She Sees Snow

Cincinnati child photographer

As a photographer who loves to photograph children, I get asked a lot if my daughter likes to have her picture taken or if I always point my lens her way.

The truth: I mostly just try to be present with my daughter, and I don't take as many pictures of her as I used to.  And. No, it's not easy to take her picture.  Just because I shoot other people's kids doesn't mean shooting mine is an easy task.  Quite simply, she just turned two. :). You know, two years old might be the hardest age I've come across to photograph.  They just don't want to be told what to do, and they don't often stay still.

Here, I just had my camera lying around. And....the first snow of the season was falling!!! Of course, this is just a simple snapshot, but it'll be dear to me for a long time because you can see the raw wonder in her eyes, and the moment is so natural. And, what's more, it was the first time she was ever aware of snow and able to call it by its name.

A true moment indeed.