13 Lucky Days | Day 1: Donuts

About 13 Lucky Days

I'll take 13 photographs (or maybe a handful more) each day for 13 days and share them here. For me, shooting is about being present and passionate and grateful of even the smallest of details: a quirky pouted lip, the sweetest flyaway caught in someone's lipgloss. I'll also share a few words about each photo, a little story. And so, on to shooting for 13 days, on to sharing, on to feeling more present and thankful. These are lucky days indeed.

I'm glad you're here, and I hope you'll come back and see tomorrow's post...


These kids were gloating when we arrived at Ms. Cheri's donuts, just a short drive from our house. Ms. Cheri's husband, who runs the checkout for most of the day because his wife Cheri is probably sleeping after making such lovely pastries, is super sweet and talkative. This was not missed by India Jane, who is everyone's best friend and will talk until. Until, people, until. Baby Faye was making excited, "Num, num!" sounds the whole time we were there, standing and swaying slightly by the donut case, all those donuts lined up perfect, colorful, almost animated. We ate in the shop, which is only about 12 feet by 12 feet, pictures of kids eating donuts taped to almost every inch of every wall (yes, India's homing in on her own picture up there). If the most amazing donuts can't lure children to this place, then the possibility of locating their picture on the wall will stir up enough narcissism to seal the deal. I want to eat sugar! I want to be famous, too!

I broke a small piece of donut off for baby Faye, who just held it and stared the whole time. I have no idea why she didn't just eat it up, but on the car ride home, India filled me in that she bit the icing off the top and threw the rest on the upholstery. Donuts, a lucky start to this project.