13 Lucky Days | Day 10: The Shell Collector


I'll take 13 photographs (or maybe a handful more) each day for 13 days and share them here. For me, shooting is about being present and passionate and grateful of even the smallest of details: a quirky pouted lip, the sweetest flyaway caught in someone's lipgloss. I'll also share a few words about each photo, a little story. And so, on to shooting for 13 days, on to sharing, on to feeling more present and thankful. These are lucky days indeed.

I'm glad you're here, and I hope you'll come back and see tomorrow's post...

Day 10: The Shell Collector

Oh my. In Galveston, TX. With her cousins and aunt and uncle. Couldn't stop collecting shells…everyone was joining in. "India, found one!" and then she'd debate on that shell's merit, whether it was worth keeping and taking home in her little plastic baggie. Sometimes, though, the world has a way of making things more memorable, because it just so happens that we went to a nice big lunch after the beach and left the baggie of beautiful, hand-picked shells on the table and a busser threw them in the trash (that's what I think happened…the restaurant staff couldn't find them anywhere). And so. 

Luckily, Galveston has a nice big shell and trinket shop, and it was on our way home. Only one little crumply-faced look about her lost shells--she perked up once we said that we could go shopping!