13 Lucky Days | Day 3: Tantrum


I'll take 13 photographs (or maybe a handful more) each day for 13 days and share them here. For me, shooting is about being present and passionate and grateful of even the smallest of details: a quirky pouted lip, the sweetest flyaway caught in someone's lipgloss. I'll also share a few words about each photo, a little story. And so, on to shooting for 13 days, on to sharing, on to feeling more present and thankful. These are lucky days indeed.

I'm glad you're here, and I hope you'll come back and see tomorrow's post...


The sign said "No Swimming." At 19 months, you were able to read the sign, discern its meaning, and apply it to your person. Of course you didn't want to go swimming! You have a need to please authority, and are able to grasp the concept of delayed gratification. We'd play in the baby pool when we got home, no biggie, you cold wait patiently while I snapped a few photos of you and your sister frolicking peacefully. 

Oh boy. This kid had the biggest tantrum we've seen so far. Lasted about 60 minutes and onward at home. Humph. Snapped for about 2 minutes. Mama said there'd be days like this is all I can say. 

Photo #1 is a missed focus because I was trying to keep her from catapulting herself into the water. #2 looks like she's examining rocks for fun, but she's really heaving hard and screeching the screech of a scorned eagle that echoed through the hillside and sent the fish darting scared.