13 Lucky Days | Day 8: You Walk With a Purpose


I'll take 13 photographs (or maybe a handful more) each day for 13 days and share them here. For me, shooting is about being present and passionate and grateful of even the smallest of details: a quirky pouted lip, the sweetest flyaway caught in someone's lipgloss. I'll also share a few words about each photo, a little story. And so, on to shooting for 13 days, on to sharing, on to feeling more present and thankful. These are lucky days indeed.

I'm glad you're here, and I hope you'll come back and see tomorrow's post...

Day 8: You Walk With a Purpose

There is no dilly-dallying, you know which way you want to go. At 20 months, you are as pointed as a pocket knife and even prettier. Let's just say it: you're loud, you squawk, you squeak. We will never call you dependent or probably even laid back, but you can be so sunny, so cuddly. Yes, it's true: you walk with a purpose.