So, here's a good question: do you have someone in your life who both understands the art and business of photography and tells it to you straight, no holding back?

I believe that A) most photographers don't receive honest criticism and, B) I can offer constructive, invaluable, and honest critiques to photographers that will accelerate the improvement of their business and portfolio.

Once upon a time, I graduated summa cum laude from the University of CIncinnati and UNC Greensboro, received an MFA in creative writing, and earned the credentials to teach English Literature and writing at the college level. I went ahead and did that for 4 years, and it never left me. Now that I'm a photographer, I want to keep teaching, and I want to do it for my peers, my photographers. 

Might you improve without honest criticism from people like me? Yes. It'll just take a lot longer. So here--look how easy--I'll break it down.

Who these reviews are for:

  • Professional or pro-hopeful photographers who have the sinking suspicion they're not hearing honest, helpful, or complete criticism from others
  • Photographers who want to accelerate their learning process without expensive, time-consuming workshops

**Please note that I am a professional photographer who shoots families, children, newborns, couples, and seniors. I am not a commercial or fine art photographer.

What you get:

  • A complete written portfolio review, including criticism relating to lighting, composition, editing, color, etc.
  • A complete written website/business image review
  • A 20-30 minute Skype or phone conference (your choice); ask all the questions you want! 
  • A simple list of what I believe you need to do now to become a better artist and business person, starting with the most crucial items first
  • A copy of a sample client contract and model release, if desired
  • Copyediting of up to 1,000 words on your website and tips on creating better copy

How to get started:

PayPal $150 to me at blythewinslow@gmail.com, fill out the questionnaire below, and you're on your way to hearing an honest review. I look forward to speaking with you in person!

Portfolio Review Questionnaire

Name *
At least 25-30 images shot in the last year.
And tell me why you love them!
This might pertain to art or business.